Leave Your Mark on The Ice

Writing about a professional ice skater is something I’ve never thought I’d do before, but then again, it’s easy to write about something that is so meaningful to me, not to mention absolutely beautiful.

I’ve watched many ice skaters on television and online, but nobody can compare to Yulia Lipnitskaya, a young Russian Olympian. The very first time I watched Yulia, I wondered aloud on how a 15-year-old could be so graceful and poised in her presentation. She is, by no means, the best ice skater in the world, but what captured my attention the most is the age at which she performs flawlessly and without much effort. Simply put, Yulia slides across the ice just like water runs down a water fall; silky smooth.

The Schindler’s List soundtrack is one of the most beautiful soundtracks I have ever heard, and then to put a sensational ice skater in the picture simply makes the whole package mesmerizing. In my opinion, Yulia is one of those rare phenomenons who can capture the attention of a large number of people in seconds. Her body moves fluidly with the music. In other words, during a high note, she will either jump or twirl. During a low note, she’d flair her arms gracefully or bend her body. I will never forget the feeling I had during the first note of her performance. She slowly pushed away with her hand, as if she were pushing away from an invisible wall. And as she did, I cracked a smile. After the third or fourth jump, she puts her hands together in a butterfly position as she skates backwards, and please, do notice the music at that time. I am surprised that a 15-year-old would consider performing to this song. It’s not everyday you see a beautiful and talented young lady skating to one of the most recognizable and emotional soundtracks there is. I’m pretty sure her coach had a slight edge on which song she performs to, but in the end, it’s still a spectacular performance.

Another admirable quality that Yulia has is her uniqueness. During the times where she’s not twisting, jumping or bending, she’s doing something with her body to keep the flow of the music going. Like the times where she delicately moves her arms out to the side, it appears to me as if she’s welcoming her audience in. She connects well with the music.

There is another video of her skating to “Je T’aime,” by Lara Fabian. During the last segment of that performance, Yulia slides into a split and moves across the ice with such ease. To explain it here would result in nothing. It’s something that must be witnessed. All in all, Yulia is an incredibly talented phenomenon who has the ability to move people with her presence.

When I watch something inspiring, I become emotionally attached. I have always been that way and I genuinely hope that never goes away.  I will let you see for yourself. Enjoy!


Sochi 2014


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