Being in the hospitality business, I believe that being well spoken is crucial. In fact, whether your field is Sports Management, Hospitality, or just about anything, being well spoken is an important skill to have. People often view the phrase “well spoken” as meaning to express their thoughts and ideas adequately. Although that is correct, being well spoken also has to do with your overall knowledge, the scope of your vocabulary, the economy of your presentation, the quality of your pronunciation, being courteous to the needs of your listeners and reducing the amount of “ums” and “uhs” used in your sentences. All these attributes contribute to being well spoken.

Ever since studying abroad in Europe, I have become more aware of how I speak and also, the non-verbal gestures I use. Many of the Europeans I met are much more animated in their expressions and gestures while talking. I found this helpful when I didn’t understand what they were saying. For example, it is easy to determine if someone was happy or angry, or, frustrated or content by their facial expressions and other gestures. You may have heard the phrase talking with his or her hands. Well, I have seen that in action, and no, I don’t mean sign language. In general, Europeans seem much more expressive in this way.

I know that I am not the most well spoken person out there, and this is due in part to anxiety. That said, I am keen on becoming better spoken. I have worked day-in and day-out to understand the attributes to being well spoken and apply them to myself.  That’s all we can ever really do, isn’t it? You’ve got to work at something to become good at it.   While I have the knowledge to become better spoken, something is stopping me from doing so. I am working hard to understand my challenges and overcome them, but it’s a process. It will not happen over night. I hope others will find this helpful as they grapple with the same challenges.

Being well spoken is a key to success in any business. It starts with your first professional interaction/first impression with someone and goes from there. Understanding the skills and attributes of a well-spoken person will help you understand how to become one yourself. Best of luck to all of us.



One thought on “Showbizz

  1. Mary Anne Mount says:

    How a person communicates with others can either open doors or slam them shut. The trick is knowing when it is appropriate to “talk trash,” use slang, use Standard English, etc. There’s a time and a place for all kinds of language use; you just have to be sensitive and aware of what’s appropriate when.
    Maddie, as usual, you are thinking about a topic that can really spur some deep conversations…especially for young adults about to embark on job interviews.

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